Social media offers way more opportunities than just connecting and interacting with new people. It has become a source of income for those who create great content and have thousands of followers or fans.

Becoming a brand influencer is one of the hottest trends today. There are people who earn a side income as influencers while working full-time. There are also people like Krystal Bick, who worked full-time at Google but who now earns a living by promoting brands, according to Business Insider.

For 92% of marketers, the most effective form of marketing last year was influencer marketing, according to a report by Linqia. 39% of them planned to allocate a hefty budget for influencer marketing in 2018.

This is a clear indication of a growing demand for brand influencers regardless of the domain they create content for.

Are you one of those content creators who want to make a mark by becoming a brand influencer? Here are some of the best ways to ace your game as a brand influencer.

1. Choose the Right Platform(s)

Be selective with your social channels. Opt for one or two social media platforms where you can lay a solid foundation and maximize returns on the time and effort you’ve invested.

Every social network is different and serves a different set of audiences. Users active on Facebook have different objectives than those who use Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube.

A majority of the users on Instagram are aged between 18 and 34 years. If your content relates to this section of society, then Instagram might be a great fit for you.

Remember, Instagram is an image-sharing platform so make sure you post only high-quality photographs.

Statista Becoming a Brand Influencer

Image Source: Statista

Similarly, if you are looking to add value through how-to or DIY videos, then YouTube might be the right channel for you. And blog posts may be a brilliant way to distribute informational long-form content.

Jacob Andrew True is a photographer. And he aptly chose Instagram as his preferred social media network for displaying his photography skills.

Jacob Andrew True Becoming a Brand Influencer

2. Set Specific and Achievable Goals

Throughout your journey as a brand influencer, you need to set achievable goals. For some, the goal might be to increase followers or engagement rate. But for others, the goal might be to create more valuable content or to find more niche-specific brands to partner with.

Focusing on specific goals can help you achieve them. For instance, valuable content can earn you a new and loyal follower base. This, in turn, can make way for new brand partnerships and increased earnings.

In a matter of two years, influencer Phoebe McPherson’s follower count increased from 500 to 50K. This happened because she set goals for herself and worked on them.

Phoebe McPherson Becoming a Brand Influencer

3. Create Content That Impresses

You have to share high-quality content if you want to become a brand influencer. Aside from sharing your expertise and passion, consider sharing your lifestyle. Analyze what fascinates your followers, what makes them comment on your post, and what makes a difference.

Invest time into researching, sharing high-quality content, and using the right hashtags. If you are unsure about your next post or need ideas about a new category, then leverage the polls feature in Instagram Stories. Sometimes, people want to voice their opinion about the things you are doing. Instagram polls can encourage them to share their thoughts.

This will help you figure out what kind of content to create to impress and engage your audience, just like Rothy’s did in the following Instagram story.

Rothy’s Becoming a Brand Influencer

4. Work With Brands That Suit Your Values

It’s important to work around your own values especially when you look to add value to someone else’s life. This also means working with brands only if their values are similar to yours. If you aren’t comfortable with what you are doing, it would portray your image and that of the brand in a negative manner.

To become an effective brand influencer, you need to be ‘yourself’. Put a lot of time and effort in the things you believe in and are passionate about. It is important to share your ideas confidently.

According to a study by Altimeter, a true brand influencer is someone who gains the trust of viewers. And there is no rocket science behind it. The secret to success is passion and confidence in the work while being aware of how your posts, comments, and content will impact the lives of others.

Ashlee dresses herself and her little ones in Joules clothing and brags about it with confidence and poise. This shows her connection with the brand in the strongest way possible.

Ashlee Becoming a Brand Influencer

5. Engage With Your Followers

While quality content can attract people to your posts, it is up to you how you mesmerize them. You need to spend time and energy in engaging with your followers. This can not only increase your follower count, but also help you earn more brand collaborations and become a successful brand influencer.

Cynthia, a depression survivor and fitness enthusiast from Thailand, interacts with almost every follower who leaves a comment on her posts. She is proactive in engaging with them. No wonder she gets so much love.

Cynthia Becoming a Brand Influencer

Wrapping Up

To ace your game as a brand influencer, you will need to put in lots of time and effort. Nothing happens overnight, so it’s crucial that you have patience throughout your journey. If you have more useful tips, feel free to share via the comments section below.